What We Do
We constantly ship containers with donated items and supplies from United States to Nigeria, for free distribution in Igbomina land. Some of the recently shipped and distributed items include wheelchairs, crutches, scrubs, materials and supplies for medical diagnostics, emergency treatments, wounds care supplies, surgical instruments, various eyes glasses, anesthesia supplies and miscellaneous materials
IPNA ambulance in front of General Hospital Ilorin
IPNA ambulance in front of General Hospital Ilorin
In 2016, we procured and shipped a Ford series medical ambulance home. We have partnered with Landmark University, Omu Aran to put the ambulance for use on major roads in Igbomina area and it’s environs. The ambulance comprises of latest technological equipments that can be used to provide emergency services for patients even before reaching the nearest hospital.
Recently, we procured a second Ford series medical ambulance. Arrangement is at top gear to ship it to Nigeria. This will enhance and supplement our medical ambulance service efforts.
Our organization have also sourced and donated ultrasounds diagnostic equipment, x-ray machine, superlux microscope, operating room medical tools and other medical equipments for use in medical facilities across Igbomina land.
We have Organized professionals to give back by volunteering their time and expertise for medical outreaches in Igbomina land, Nigeria.