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Vision Statement:

To offer sustainable community projects and services that enhance, improve and transform quality of lives of people of Igbomina land.

Mission Statement:

To be of selfless service to communities and people of Igbomina land

Goals & objectives:

  • Collections, procurement and distributions of medical and hospital equipment, science and engineering equipment for hospitals, community health centers and educational institutions in the sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Provision and maintenance of mobile medical clinic service in collaboration with community based healthcare service providers to remote areas.
  • Organizing creative life skills training, seminars, workshop and promoting informational and educational activities towards alleviating unemployment, underachievement and poverty.
  • Organizing people to volunteer, donate money and provision of resources for community outreach projects to improve life in Igbomina communities.
  • Advocating for disadvantaged people to ensure that basic needs are addressed.
  • Partnering with other organizations with similar objectives to achieve any or all of our goals and objectives, and reaching out to the needy people in the public irrespective of race, color, sex or creed.

We invite you to Join us to build Igbomina land together.